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Post Tooth Extraction Care: What to Avoid for Healing

Tooth extraction is an uncomfortable experience that comes with some aftercare precautions. If you are interested in extracting a tooth and have no idea how to be careful about what to eat and what not to do after tooth extraction, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. 

In this blog, we will share how to care for your gums after tooth extraction, what to do after tooth extraction, what not to do after tooth extraction and much more.

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What Precautions Should I Follow For The First Night After Tooth Extraction?

Although you must properly care for your mouth cavity for a few days after tooth extraction, the first night after this dental procedure requires much more precautions. 

Below is the list of safety measures every patient must follow after tooth extraction.

  • Sleep by elevating your head slightly upward. It will help in boosting blood supply and accelerate recovery.
  • Sleep on the opposite side of the face from where the tooth has been extracted.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth cavity on the first night; otherwise, the healing process can be retarded.
  • Take OTC painkillers if you experience mild pain the first night after tooth extraction.
  • Also, avoid drinking milk before sleep because it is advised to keep the affected area clear of any content before bed.

What to Avoid After Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a sensitive process requiring time to heal the gums completely. In this critical time, one must be aware of things they can and should avoid.

For instance, dentists suggest eating something cold after tooth extraction as it can help with the swelling and soothe the gums.

So, one must avoid warm meals the first night after tooth extraction. Now, let’s have a look at what things to avoid after tooth extraction:

1: Don’t drink carbonated drinks or Alcohol

Alcohol and carbonated beverages are prohibited for the patient after tooth extraction as they can damage the clot at the extraction site. Moreover, it’s not a healthy diet after dental surgery, so one must avoid it. 

2: No smoking

Smoking is hazardous for overall health. Smoking after a tooth extraction can trigger some reactions at the site.

Moreover, it can lead to infections at the extraction site, making the tooth extraction a trouble for you. 

3: No hard and chewy foods

After tooth extractions, the gums become sensitive and prone to the pressure from chewing food. A better approach is to avoid hard food that requires chewing from the molars.

Nutritionally dense foods require chewing, which can result in damaging the extraction site.

In addition, it is good to avoid hard food after tooth extraction as it can accumulate bacteria and food particles at the extraction site. 

But, some individuals may wonder if I can eat 3 hours after tooth extraction. Eating immediately can affect your extraction site, so you can resume eating after 3 hours. 

4: Don’t disturb the clot

If you want to feel no pain after tooth extraction, avoid poking around your extraction site. For instance, avoid touching the extraction site. Do not eat immediately.

Let the blood at the site clot and heal itself. If you find something off with your extraction, discuss it with your dentist as soon as possible to find a solution. 

5: Avoid specific medication

After tooth extraction, blood clotting helps in healing. So, avoid self-medication, such as certain blood-thinning medications, such as Aspirin, without your dentist’s approval. Only take the medicine your dentist prescribed to avoid any side effects. 

6: Avoid brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing the teeth immediately after extraction can result in poking the site.

Your dentist may advise you not to brush or floss your teeth. So, alternately, it is a good idea to rinse your mouth after a meal or snack.

Moreover, you can use an excellent antibacterial mouthwash to kill bacteria and help keep your teeth clean without a floss. 

What Food to Avoid After Tooth Extraction?

To ensure a quick recovery, you must avoid certain foods that can trigger the pain or create an open tooth socket.

The food can also get stuck in the teeth, resulting in bacterial infection at the extraction site. So, here are a few foods that you must avoid after teeth extraction:

1: Hard or crunchy food

Avoid any hard or crunchy food that can cause pressure on the gums. Do not eat nuts, chips, and candies for some time. Such food can easily tuck at the extraction gums as they are soft after extraction. 

2: Acidic food

No need to eat any citrus fruits or drinks. Avoid eating tomatoes, lemons, and other citrus vegetables that can cause pain.

3: Hot and spicy food

The third type of food that you must avoid is hot food. Any hot meal can damage the blood clot needed to develop at the extraction site for a quick recovery.

So, if you question how soon I can eat ice cream after tooth extraction, you can eat after a short while when there is no bleeding and pain. 

4: Tobacco products

Smoking and using tobacco products ruin the gums and teeth. Tobacco products contain more than 60 chemicals that can cause oral cancer.

So, one must avoid smoking while the gums are sensitive after tooth extraction.

Final verdict:

To sum up, tooth extraction comes with several precautions and aftercare. But, you must work for its speedy recovery to avoid any complications.

Follow the simple tips about what to do and what not to do, and you will be good to go. If you have trouble knowing what to do and what to avoid, discuss with your dentist


What is not allowed after tooth extraction?

Smoking, brushing teeth, and drinking carbonated beverages are prohibited after tooth extraction.

What helps tooth extractions heal faster?

Taking a diet enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin A can speed up the recovery after a tooth extraction. 

What can you not eat or drink after tooth extraction?

Avoid fizzy drinks and hard food such as nuts and other snacks to avoid any problems. 

How many days should I rest after tooth extraction?

Try to take oral rest for 3-4 days after a tooth extraction or any other treatment. Avoid hard eatables and use soft meals. 

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