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As a parent, looking after the kids’ oral hygiene is a big responsibility. Parents must get their kids their first dental visit at seven. Moreover, most kids start losing their baby teeth at this age, so they need extra attention. 

Do you know what it means if your kid’s tooth becomes grey and doesn’t fall out? Well, if you are unfamiliar with this situation, don’t worry! We have covered you with all the necessary information about grey teeth in kids, grey tooth cavities, and more. 

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What Can Cause Baby Tooth to Change Color?

A color change in the tooth can occur for several reasons, such as a fall, an accident, or a dental trauma. The damage to the blood vessels can result in changing the tooth color and changing it into black, grey, or brown. 

Similarly, the color change in toddlers can be due to an accidental fall. Remember that the color change occurs after a few weeks of the original accident. That is why parents must be mindful if any discoloration starts. 

In addition, the discoloration goes on its own. If your kid develops discoloration and there is no infection, there is a high chance that the tooth will fall out eventually, and a healthy tooth will grow in some time.

So, if you think your grey tooth will turn white again, yes, it is possible, but it may take some time. 

7 Common Causes of Grey Teeth

Grey tooth is a disorder that is also possible in kids and young people. There can be several reasons for the grey tooth, which an orthodontist can diagnose quickly.

Anyway, here we share several reasons that can cause grey teeth, so one must consider them while looking for a solution:

1: Tetracycline

Tetracycline is a potential antibiotic that can be the reason that children can develop grey teeth whose teeth are not fully developed. Kids under 8 are prone to getting grey teeth due to tetracycline.

Additionally, kids are more likely to get it from their mother if their mother has taken these antibiotics during the pregnancy. 

2: Root canal medication

If any individual has gone through the root canal treatment and is now getting grey teeth, the possibility lies in the treatment. In the root canal, a paste known as Ledermix has active ingredients that can cause grey coloration in the teeth.

So, if someone gets these side effects, they must discuss it with their dentist. 

3: Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a vital sign of tooth discoloration. As in tooth decay, the blood flow in the oral tissues is cut off, so the teeth can go grey. 

4: Tooth trauma

A significant cause of gray tooth discoloration is trauma that can occur for several reasons, such as an accident, fall, or any other. Anything that cuts off the blood supply to the teeth results in tooth trauma and various symptoms.

By trauma, the tooth may result in color change and last for months or even years. 

5: Dental restorations

Dental restorations significantly cause teeth discoloration, especially turning teeth into gray-brownish. This is because the material used in filling cavities or restoring teeth contains active ingredients that cause discoloration.

Moreover, metal crowns and silver fillings also result in teeth discoloration, which goes away quickly. 

6: Gum diseases

Not taking proper care of your teeth can result in severe problems, which include grey stains on teeth near gums. In addition, gum diseases such as gingivitis can also cause gray teeth.

So, taking care of dental hygiene at home and getting routine checkups with the dentist is essential.

7: Aging

You may have noticed that aged people have grey teeth because teeth are also prone to age. Now, you may be pondering that teeth turn gray with age.

When the pulp dies, the teeth become discolored, such as grey, yellow, purple, or almost black. Dead blood vessels undergo a degradation process and reveal color changes. 

How to Treat Grey Teeth?

There are specific whitening treatments that work best for teeth discoloration.

However, if you don’t get good results from teeth whitening treatments, you must look deep into the cause. 

For instance, whitening treatments may not affect if your teeth are discolored due to the antibiotic tetracycline.

In such cases, here is what you can do to make your teeth bright:

  • Properly brushing teeth with whitening toothpastes.
  • Using some home-teeth whitening kits.
  • Use an at-home teeth whitening kit prepared by your dentist. 
  • Dental veneers.
  • Laser light treatments. 

Taking proper care of your grey tooth can easily brighten it if there is no severe problem. If you find it difficult to cure tooth discoloration, laser dental cleaning may help.

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Final Verdict:

Grey teeth in toddlers occur for some reasons, such as an accident or tooth trauma. With age, the teeth also change color.

But, if you find grey teeth at a young age, the chances are your teeth are passing from some trauma or facing some side effects.

So, you must discuss this problem with your dentist and learn more about discoloration treatments. 


What does it mean when a tooth turns grey?

If a tooth turns grey, it means that either it’s a side effect of some dental treatment or the blood supply to the teeth is cut off. 

Can a GREY tooth be saved?

Yes, a grey tooth can be saved with some teeth whitening treatments. 

Is a GREY tooth a cavity?

No, a grey tooth does not indicate any cavity. 

What are the signs of a dead tooth?

Discoloration is the most significant sign of a dead tooth. The colour of the tooth may turn yellow, grey, or black. 

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