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Eating Popcorn With Braces; Safet, Benefits & Health Concerns

Let’s be honest; none of us can resist the allure of popcorn. Having these fluffy delights as snacks has become a household tradition. But here is the twist: have you ever wondered why popcorn and braces don’t quite mix? 

If you are taking an oral treatment, whether wearing braces or other space maintainers, you need to be vigilant about what you eat. Also, regular cleaning and flossing is mandatory while you are wearing braces.

So, can you indulge in the joy of popcorn during your treatment? Let’s find out the crunchy truth related to such questions as Can you eat popcorn with braces?

Can you Eat Popcorn with Braces? 

The simple answer is yes, & no. Regular popcorn kernels can risk damaging your braces or getting stuck beneath your gums, which can cause you an unwelcome infection. 

But that doesn’t mean you cannot eat popcorn at all. Some popcorns are much softer and more delightful than the regular ones. Hullness popcorns are one of them and are considered safe to eat with braces due to their tenderness.  

Also, these are a good source of antioxidants and keep your body’s cells safe from free radicals. However, it would help if you didn’t eat regular popcorn with braces since these may cause orthodontic concerns that are very painful to bear. 

Popcorn can be a delicious snack if they are hulless. But if they are coated with caramel or sugar or have a rigid transparent hull, these snacks can make your days and nights hell. That’s because it will be hard to spot and remove them alone. 

One thing that needs your attention is that even if you have hulless popcorn as a snack, you still need to be careful. You must stay active and stop eating these popcorn if they are causing discomfort to your teeth.

Reasons for Avoiding Regular Popcorns with Braces 

Ordinary popcorn can be pretty harmful in several ways, some of which we have mentioned below: 

1. Harmful to your White Pearly Teeth:

To get a treat for your taste buds, you might get a threat to your teeth. The hulls of popcorn kernels can damage your teeth because they easily wedge beneath your gums and start causing irritation and infection if they are not removed on time.

2. Damages Your Gums:

Once popcorn hulls scrape your gum tissues, it can result in harmonious disease. 

3. Breakage of Your Braces:

The hull popcorn can break your braces because braces need proper protection and demand careful handling regarding food choices. 

Once hull popcorn is stuck in your braces, it will damage the wires and brackets of your braces, making it painful for you since it hurts when dentists reapply the braces again.

Healthy Food to Eat with Braces Instead of Popcorn

Numerous braces-friendly snacks will keep your cravings in check and your orthodontic journey on track.

1. Bakery and Dairy Products

Soft-baked cookies, muffins, yogurt delights, cheese slices, and other dairy items are comforting snacks for people with braces.

2. Baked Potatoes, Kale, and Carrot Chips

Fry potato chips can cause discomfort to your braces; go for the baked potatoes that give you a crispy bite with your braces on.

Also, Baked Kale and Carrot chips are a healthy snack you should consider eating instead of hulls popcorn.

3. Soft Crackers

Soft crackers can be another good snack to add to your wish list. These are free of kernels and safe to eat with braces. 

4. Vegetables

Boiled veggies or baked vegetables are perfect for completing your body’s nutritional requirements. 

5. Fruits

Having soft and sweet fruit slices provides a burst of sweetness without compromising orthodontic progress.

5. Eggs

Not fried eggs but boiled or baked brown eggs that are full of protein make your body grow and your mind stronger.

These are the few snacks that you can take with your braces on. You can have any snack according to your taste, but consult your dentist before eating.

Is it Safe to Eat Corn with Braces? 

There is always the concern for people with braces about what food is best for them and what they should avoid

Talking about Canned corn, yes, you can eat them because they are soft and tender in texture, so they are less likely to create any challenge for your braces. 

Corn often consists of tiny particles that can reach crevices between your teeth and around your brackets and wires.

Ensure you clean your teeth properly after consuming canned corn. Here are some practical tips to clean your teeth with braces

Overall, canned corn is generally considered a safer option for your braces if you follow good oral hygiene practices. 

Foods To Avoid While Wearing Braces 

Several foods are not recommended with braces, especially the hard ones. Here’s a list of some foods which you should avoid:

1. Crunchy and Hard Vegetables:

Celery and fried items that turn into firm textures could disrupt your braces’ balance.

2. Dry Fruits:

Most dry fruits are complicated, so they require much pressure to break them into smaller chunks, which can be risky for your braces.

3. Hard and Chewy Candies:

As you know, candies and jellies can stick into your braces, permanently change the colour of your teeth, and cause cavities. 

Many more foods are not suitable for people with braces. As mentioned earlier, it’s always wise to consult your dentists about what to eat.

Tips to Enjoy Popcorns with Braces

  • Avoid Kernels
  • Chew popcorn slowly. 
  • Always Choose Soft and Chewy Popcorn
  • Rinse your mouth after eating popcorn with water or mouthwash.

Final Thoughts 

Hulles popcorn offers a safer and more enjoyable snacking experience during orthodontic treatments.

However, it’s risky because popcorn can also cause discomfort or damage your braces. Therefore, you must be careful when having hulles popcorn.

Soft fruits, cookies, yogurt, and puddings are delicious and safer alternatives to popcorn. So, it’s better to choose the food that is both tasty and spreads comfort to your teeth.

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