PVPD adult orthodontic treatment in Arizona

Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontist provides services for adult orthodontics. So, if you need braces or feel your teeth don’t fit together the way they should, we are here to provide you with orthodontics, including adult braces and adult Invisalign.

Your Healthy Smile Solution

Nowadays, the trend of getting orthodontic treatment services is getting popular as everyone is concerned about their misaligned teeth, which can cause gum diseases, tooth decay, and other issues. Adults can save their teeth and protect their smile easily with adult orthodontics. 

Whether you are looking to preserve your beautiful smile or fix your bite-size, our dental specialists are available to fix your bite and jaw alignment to prevent dental issues in the future. 

Smile Brightly with Adult Orthodontics at PVPD!

Apart from the teens, orthodontics is equally important for adults and elders. While many individuals get braces to treat their dental issues, there are also some other orthodontics treatments that can be helpful for people of all ages, including kids, teens and adults. 

Offering the right treatment can improve the overall performance of your mouth.

Shifting or moving of teeth to far places can be now treated easily with the following treatment options at PVPD:

  • Overlapping of teeth due to teeth shifting. 
  • Overjet occurs due to protruding teeth on the lower ones.
  • Underbite size issues to overcome the protruding of the lower jaw than your upper jaw
  • Packed teeth are treated to avoid overcrowding in the mouth
  • Missing teeth trapped in the jawbone
  • Uneven teeth to fix the alignment of your jaws

If you see any other problem in your jaws or teeth, consult your orthodontic professional to look for possible solutions.

Adult orthodontics experts can work better on your teeth in this life stage and can assist you better in keeping your teeth healthy in the near future.  

Our Orthodontic Treatment Services for Adults!

We offer many important orthodontic services, including:

Diagnosing and treating “bad bites” (malocclusion). Common orthodontic treatments include braces, Invisalign, clear aligners, and retainers for our special needs patients.

Which are removable at any time by simply taking them off at night. Our orthodontist will recommend one that is right for your child based on age, size, preferences, and what works best for your child’s smile.

Improving how your upper and lower teeth meet can reduce your risk for oral health issues, including cavities, gum disease, and excessive wear (erosion).

Our Services

There are various options for adults to combat oral diseases and adult orthodontic issues. Using organic dentistry practices, we help adults retain their smiles.

The good news is that modern dentistry offers a variety of advanced orthodontics treatments. Get a professional’s expertise and preserve your teeth’ aesthetics in a warm and friendly environment.

Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics adult services include:

1- Vaping & Orthodontics Treatment

In adults, vaping is a common habit that leads to serious health issues and affects the mouth and teeth. It causes mouth inflammation, leading to gum diseases and other oral health issues.

Adults face a major side effect called vape tongue, which involves a temporary loss of taste.

To keep the teeth intact and gums healthy, this is the need of the hour to look deeper into vaping and oral health. 

We offer expertise in orthodontics to help adults eliminate vaping side effects on their gums and teeth.

Moreover, our professionals are also dedicated to preserving healthy smiles in kids and adults.

If vaping has been leading to serious mouth issues, book a consultation appointment today and look for urgent solutions.

2- Braces

Braces represent a frequently chosen orthodontic solution for individuals of all ages. They effectively address a range of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Teeth overcrowding
  • Jaw misalignments
  • Bite-size issues

Additionally, braces can resolve challenges related to maintaining oral hygiene, clear speech, and comfortable eating.

3- Metal Braces

We offer metal braces as a comfortable and affordable option for adults. Made with high-grade space-age metal alloy, metal braces help keep the teeth in place.

Moreover, it gives the freedom to the patient to customize their smile with colored elastics. 

4- Ceramic Braces

If you want something less visible yet transparent, ceramic braces are for you. To get the perfect cleaner look with a brand new smile, it is a great addition to the braces types.

Get these braces to fulfill your orthodontic needs and support your teeth in maintaining your beautiful smile with exceptional oral care. 

5- Adult Invisalign

Invisalign braces are invisible braces that are easy to remove and comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional braces, they are impossible to see on your teeth as they are customized according to your teeth’ size and shape.

Among all the orthodontic treatment options,  it is the most common for adults to wear daily. 

6- Aligners

Many individuals aspire to attain the ideal smile, yet many shy away from seeking orthodontic treatment due to the cumbersome nature of traditional braces.

Thankfully, there exists a discreet solution for teeth straightening – clear aligners.

Now, adults can regain their self-trust and confidence with the invisible braces that apply gentle pressure on the teeth when worn correctly for a longer duration.

They help preserve teeth’ accurate alignment by gradually shifting them into their desired positions.

7- Retainers

Changes in tooth position are a lifelong and inherent aspect of dental evolution.

To preserve the outcome achieved through orthodontic therapy, it is imperative to wear retainers consistently.

Although minor post-treatment adjustments are customary, retainers are a great solution against teeth reverting to their initial positions.

8- Orthodontic surgery

Surgical orthodontics is recommended for adults with issues in the upper and lower jaws and misaligned teeth.

This misalignment can lead to an improper fit between the upper and lower teeth, causing difficulties in biting, chewing, and speaking.

To address this issue, orthodontic treatments can help reposition your jaws and teeth to promote optimal functionality.

Surgical orthodontics, known as orthognathic surgery, addresses skeletal issues impairing one’s capacity to bite, chew, and articulate effectively.

Get your teeth aligned perfectly for a brighter smile with the expertise of our professional.

We are pleased to offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options for adults.

In addition, we offer customizable Invisalign services for adults to make their teeth appear better and help them regain their confidence.

Why to Get Orthodontics Treatment?

Orthodontics helps enhance the condition and performance of your teeth if you are struggling because your teeth have shifted too far. Other reasons to get this treatment include: 

  • Overcrowded or gapped teeth can lead to periodontal diseases.
  • Bad bite size that causes the teeth to come together improperly.
  • To improve the bite-size issues and positioning to accommodate cosmetic and restorative work. 
  • The desire for improved oral health and to acquire an attractive smile. 
  • Proper teeth alignment makes it easier to care for them with brushing and flossing.
  • To avoid unnecessary orthodontic treatments, which can result in long-term health issues. 

Orthodontic treatment at an early stage of adulthood can help you regain confidence and offer a high quality of life. 

Are you ready?

If you are dealing with a missing tooth, don’t hesitate to consult our team of adult orthodontists to explore the available solutions.

Our adult orthodontics specialists are here to help you in your journey toward achieving and preserving a radiant and healthy smile.

Book an appointment today at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for the oral examination and orthodontic consultation. Contact us today, and our team members will help you with the earliest appointment to get adult orthodontic services. 

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