Baby’s First Dental Cleaning Arizona

Your kid must start their dental visits from age 1, but it can wait. As the parent, your first task is to make the initial appointment enjoyable rather than stuffy and stiff.

At PVPD, our expert team of pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and experienced consultants protects your kid’s smile.
In our warm and friendly environment, we allow the kids to feel at peace and also offer comprehensive dental cleaning advice at your kid’s bi-annual visits.

Lifetime of Oral Health

Setting up your child for a lifetime of good dental and oral health is especially crucial when you realize that children with poor oral health don’t enjoy school and do worse academically than those with strong oral health.

As the parent, your first task is to make the initial appointment enjoyable rather than stuffy and stiff.

Since your child will be modeling their behavior after you, be cheery and optimistic, and bring your child’s favorite play doll or toy with you to provide them comfort and a sense of security.

If you want to find the best pediatric dentist in town, look no further. The pediatric dentists at PVPD & Orthodontics pride themselves on providing gentle and pain-free dental procedures while offering high-quality pediatric dentistry, ensuring your child’s oral health is maintained with proper flossing and brushing tactics.


A teeth cleaning is a dental treatment in which a dentist removes the plaque, bacteria, and other residues from your kid’s teeth. It is crucial for your child’s oral health as regular deep cleaning helps prevent cavities and decay, especially in kids. Moreover, it helps prevent several dental problems, such as:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth loss
  • Gums diseases
  • Tooth damage and more.

Types of Dental Cleaning:

PVPD offers two basic types of deep cleaning, especially for pediatric patients.

It includes:

1- Dental prophylaxis

A traditional way to get rid of mouth bacteria, debris, tartar, and plaque from your child’s teeth is called prophy or dental prophylaxis. 

Our team of dental professionals lets your kid feel safe at our place and allows them to fix their dental anxiety before moving on with the treatment. 

Sterilized cleaning and scaling tools are used separately for each kid, keeping the SOPs in attention. 

Moreover, the small pockets underneath the kid’s gum line are also cleaned well to eliminate bacteria. The last step includes teeth polishing to brighten up their smile. 

A prophy is a quick and basic technique to get clean and fresh teeth. Our dentists suggest getting proper cleaning at least twice a year for kids. 

2- Deep Cleaning

If your kid has gum disease, PVPD offers exclusive deep cleaning services to prevent further damage, bacteria, and plaque from spreading to nearby teeth. Deep cleaning includes laser or scaling to remove the build-up. 

Moreover, eliminating harmful bacteria stops the progression of periodontal diseases. In addition, it lowers the chances of tooth decay, gum diseases, tooth loss, and other complications. 

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What to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy?

Professional dental cleaning for kids adds to their oral health in the long run. In addition, regular brushing and flossing are imperative in keeping your kid’s teeth clean, strong, and cavity-free. The professionals at PVPD recommend the following:

  • Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes 
  • Flossing for approximately 3 minutes daily
  • Rinsing with mouthwash after eating something sweet
  • Use toothpastes that contain fluoride
  • Avoid diets high in sugary foods and beverages, especially for kids
  • Bi-annual deep cleaning by a professional
  • Infant and toddler first dental visits to keep an eye on tooth decay and cavities

If you are still worried about your kid’s teeth, learn about good oral health practices from our professionals.

Moreover, ask about the best nutritional plan to preserve your child’s smile from a young age. Book your appointment today for your baby’s first dental cleaning and let your kid feel happy in our gentle and kids-friendly environment with dental procedures that will help them develop strong and healthy teeth.

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