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Laser Teeth Cleaning Explained: Future of Dental Hygiene

With digitalization in all areas of life, dental cleaning is also advancing. Laser dental cleaning is a wide dentistry area that deals with dental procedures, such as teeth cleaning and reshaping.

In this treatment, a concentrated beam of light energy cuts, reshapes and cleanses the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. 

This blog will discuss laser dental cleaning’s pros and cons, side effects, cost, and more. Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics offers several services, including advanced orthodontics.

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What is Laser Cleaning?

Deep cleaning of the teeth that is performed using the laser dentistry tool is called laser cleaning or deep cleaning. This procedure uses a laser to remove plaque and tartar buildup from teeth and gum pockets.

A laser uses light energy to break up the plaque. Laser cleaning is easier than professional cleaning methods such as scaling, prophylaxis cleaning, etc. 

With traditional deep cleaning or scaling, the dentist removes the buildup of harmful substances, which is painful and causes discomfort.

Laser cleaning has more advantages than other procedures, such as minimal swelling, no bleeding, minimal pain, and quick recovery.

The process has three steps, which include:

  • Laser removal of infected tissues
  • Root scaling
  • Gums regeneration

In this procedure, a concentrated beam of light hits the tissues to clean or reshape them. Further, the varied wavelength of the beam targets soft and hard tissues covering gums and teeth. 

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Laser dental cleaning vs. traditional cleaning

Both laser and traditional cleaning techniques are used to accomplish the same thing, which is clean and healthy teeth. But, some key differences make them distinct.

For instance, a traditional periodontal cleaning requires more scraping between the teeth and gum line. Completely remove the tartar and plaque. It requires effort. 

On the other hand, the laser dental cleaning process evaporates the harmful tissues that cause gum diseases. Although root planing and scaling are still required, the procedure is less invasive.

Another huge difference between traditional and laser dental cleaning is the discomfort of the process. Laser dental cleaning minimizes bleeding and reduces healing time. 

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4 Reasons to Choose Laser Dental Cleaning

Being an advanced procedure, it brings amazing health benefits that every patient looks forward to their dental experiences.

Here, we share laser dental cleaning pros and cons and reasons why you should always choose laser dental cleaning over other procedures.

So, let’s have a look at the reasons:

1: Deep cleaning

Laser technology allows the dentist to reach the deeper areas of your teeth and gums without causing any inconvenience to the patient. This is a plus that you can get deeper laser cleaning for your mouth without pain.

Moreover, to prevent gum disease, it is better to recover the gums by removing plaque tartar. 

2: Reduced anxiety

Dental treatment brings fear and anxiety to all ages. Although traditional dental cleaning methods are not painful, they can be discomforting for some people as long as they have tools in their mouths.

Manual removal of plaque from gums and teeth tends to bring irritation and can cause anxiety.

Laser dental cleaning helps with dental anxiety by preventing gum line irritation. The gums don’t have to be physically pushed and pulled with laser cleaning.

Hence, laser deep cleaning allows the patient to have a pleasant experience. No more use of noisy equipment during the procedure keeps the patient calm and relaxed. 

3: Treat gum diseases

Teeth cleaning is necessary to prevent gum diseases. Often, it takes more than one session to treat a gum disease completely.

However, laser treatment makes removing the infection in just one appointment easier. This is all possible because of its precision and accuracy.

Additionally, a quicker form of therapy appears more appealing than potential multiple sessions. 

4: Precision

Advanced technology has allowed for the perfection of dental procedures. Laser dental cleaning introduces precision and accuracy, enabling deep gums and teeth cleaning.

Moreover, laser cleaning helps with hard-to-reach spots and hence aids in avoiding inconsistencies. 

Apart from all the benefits of the laser treatment, there are some flaws. Laser dental cleaning side effects are limited but include one major thing: sometimes, it is impossible to complete the process with anesthesia.

In addition, this is an expensive treatment compared to other traditional procedures, so one must keep this in mind while booking an appointment. 

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Is Laser Dental Cleaning Safe?

Many individuals are concerned about whether laser cleaning is safe enough.

Laser cleaning is 100% safe as it is non-invasive and can be used to perform difficult dentistry procedures such as repairing damage to teeth, removing tumors, and performing certain biopsies. 

How Much Does it Cost?

According to the latest updates, laser dental cleaning ranges from $300 to $500, which is quite expensive.

However, if you live in a top-notch location, it may be up to $1200. Ultimately, the price of laser treatment ranges based on your location, procedure, and insurance coverage.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, laser cleaning has amazing benefits that make it a perfect choice. It is an advanced and expensive procedure, but it is worth it.

If you have dental treatment anxiety, it is the best choice as it comes with a convenient and noise-free treatment that lessens the patient’s fears and helps them be confident.

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Are laser cleaning teeth worth it?

Yes. It is worth it as it allows you to have a convenient and pain-free experience. 

Is laser cleaning painful?

As compared to the traditional cleaning procedures, it is less painful. 

What are the disadvantages of laser dentistry? 

One of the disadvantages of laser dentistry is that it neither treats filled teeth nor interdental cavities. 

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