Custom sports Mouthguard in Arizona

We have a specialized team of pediatric dentists who fabricate mouthguards for infants, kids, and teenagers, depending on their oral health goals.

The mouthguards are custom-made to fit perfectly and provide excellent protection from sports injuries from football, hockey, basketball, and other sports.

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What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a dental cover that helps protect kids’ teeth against all kinds of injuries during any sports or physical activities. They offer outstanding protection to the mouth and prevent tooth grinding and bruxism in kids during sleep.

Moreover, they lower the risk of dental emergencies in kids, such as cracked teeth, tooth loss, tooth pain, and teeth falling.

Mouth guards are primarily designed to fit the structure of your kid and minimize the risk of injuries.

They protect various facial and oral structures and prevent situations such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Lip injuries
  • Tongue bites
  • Concession
  • Cheek bites
  • Jawbone injuries 
  • Lip injuries and much more.

In some kids, such as toddlers, a rough fall on the surface during sleep can result in mouth injuries. It can lead to myofunctional complications in talking, eating, and feeding. 

A mouthguard is handy for kids and saves their mouth structures from accidents. 

Custom-made mouthguards stabilize the jaw alignment and help grow the soft tissues by redistributing the forces from a collision. They absorb the blow at jaws and protect against the fracturing jaws. 

In the absence of mouth guards, your teeth are prone to break, chip, fracture, or fall out.

Two Types of Mouthguards

Two major types of mouthguards are commonly used in dentistry. Both have distinct purposes and functions. Depending on the needs, parents can choose any of them.

Two major types of mouthguards include:

1- Store-bought

This type of mouthguard is readily available at the sporting goods store and makes an inexpensive range.

They come in limited sizes and fit directly over your kid’s teeth. They are non-custom fit and have a standard structure.

These are not the most comfortable type; hence, they can impact speech due to constant clenching.

2- “Boil and bite”

This type of mouthguard is explicitly designed to fit your teeth. They are named so as they need to be placed in hot water and softened first, making it easier to bite down.

Boil and bite offer protection and are more comfortable to wear than the store-bought ones.

3- Custom-Made

These mouthguards are made using an impression of your teeth and fit you perfectly. Custom-mouth guards are durable, highly comfortable, and provide maximum protection.

The good news? These fit like a second skin to your teeth, jaws, and mouth, so you won’t need to keep your mouth closed to keep the guard in place.

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