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Why People Take Pineapple Juice for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

How will you manage the pain and discomfort after wisdom teeth removal? Thoughts like these start to bother you even before taking this procedure. 

Wisdom teeth removal is a painful process followed by bruising, bleeding, pain, and swelling. However, Your dentist will recommend some painkillers and aftercare tips, but is there any other way to get relief?

Drinking pineapple juice can help; this is what a popular TikTok trend says. But like all the other social media claims, we must consider it cautiously. So, Let’s look at the facts and check whether it works! 

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Should You Take Pineapple Juice Post Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Pineapple juice helps to reduce swelling and pain to some extent. It contains vitamin C, which helps to alleviate pain. 

According to research, vitamin C is an effective adjunctive therapy against pain.

However, no direct study has verified the effectiveness of pineapple juice in reducing swelling and pain after wisdom teeth removal. 

So, Pineapple juice contains bromelain, a natural enzyme with multiple health benefits. 

Bromelain and Its Effectiveness 

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps the body fight off pain and swelling.

Also, this enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties and is easily absorbable by the body without producing any significant side effects. 

Some studies show bromelain is good for reducing pain, so there’s some truth behind this claim: pineapple juice helps to reduce swelling and pain after wisdom teeth removal. 

study was done to check out the effects of bromelain after removing third molars. Results reveal that 70% of patients have seen a reduction in pain and swelling after taking this enzyme. 

Should you Drink Pineapple Juice Post Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Drinking pineapple juice post wisdom teeth removal is effective because of its bromelain content, but you must drink it in high amounts to see the results. 

This hack is viral on the internet; however, it’s not an ideal option to treat the pain after surgery and may have some side effects.

Pineapple Juice For Wisdom Teeth

Risks & Side Effects  

Pineapple juice is rich in sugar, making it unsuitable for people with irregular blood sugar levels. 

Also, when you drink fruit juices that have high sugar levels, your body needs to process it quickly. As a result, you feel highly energetic for some time, and when it crashes, it makes you feel terrible. 

Besides, the safe dosage of pineapple per day is 8 ounces, that’s not enough to get the required amount of bromelain. So, Tiktokers recommend drinking 64 ounces of pineapple juice before this surgery, and that’s a lot. 

If you drink pineapple juice in excessive amounts, then you might experience the following issues: 

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea 
  • Stomach aches 

Bromelain supplements are available, which you can take, but it’s better to consult your dentist before doing that. 

Tips to Manage the Discomfort of Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Although wisdom tooth removal is not complex, the pain and swelling after the procedure can be challenging. So, You can even experience mild bleeding during the first few days. 

Other than drinking pineapple juice, the following tips can help to relieve the discomfort: 

  1. Take over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen to relieve the pain. 
  2. Applying a cold compress on the checks can decrease swelling. 
  3. Consume soft foods and chew on the other side of the mouth. 
  4. Take good care of your oral health, and gently rinse your mouth with saline water. 
  5. Avoid doing heavy exercises after the surgery. 

Usually, this pain and discomfort vanishes a few days after the procedure, but if the pain and swelling persist more than that, it’s time to visit your healthcare provider. 

If you have diabetes or any other condition that delays wound healing, you should be more careful and follow your dentist’s instructions properly. 

What Should You Consume After Wisdom Teeth Removal?  

You should eat nutritious foods and drinks post wisdom teeth for better healing. These will also keep you safe from irritation and infection. Consume soft foods like: 

  • Broth
  • Smoothies 
  • Blended soups 
  • Mashed potatoes 

Meanwhile, you should not eat foods containing extra spice and acids. These can increase the risk of infection and complications like dry sockets.

The following foods are not a good option after wisdom tooth removal surgery: 

  • Nuts 
  • Rice 
  • Chips
  • Seeds 
  • Popcorn 

When to See a Dentist? 

The recovery time will vary from person to person, and it takes almost one to two weeks to recover after wisdom teeth removal.

If you experience pain even after two weeks of tooth removal, visit your doctor

Furthermore, if you experience the following symptoms, contact a dentist: 

  • Coughing 
  • Rash or hives
  • Difficulty swallowing 
  • Signs of infection like fever or chills 
  • Severe extraction site swallowing or pus 
  • Continuous pain or excessive bleeding after tooth removal 


Experiencing pain, swelling, and discomfort for one or two weeks is normal after wisdom teeth removal. 

So, Some suggest drinking pineapple juice can speed up healing after this procedure, but this hack is not helpful for everyone.

Also, the high sugar content of pineapple juice makes it unsuitable for people with diseases like diabetes. 

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If you do not extract wisdom teeth in time, it can affect your jaw shape and spoil your smile. 

The good news? Timely treatment can keep you safe from experiencing any issues afterward. We at Palm Valley have expert Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontics to care for your oral health. 

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What drinks help heal wisdom teeth? 

Non-acidic and calcium-rich drinks like milk can help speed healing after wisdom teeth removal. 

How to prevent swelling from wisdom teeth removal? 

Apply an ice pack or cold pads on the outer cheek of the mouth from where the extraction happened. Hold it on for 15 minutes to see the results. 

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