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Why Do Babies Get Silver Teeth? Cost, Benefits, Disadvantages

What are silver teeth, and why do babies get these? This is a common concern of parents. Also, putting a metal crown in a baby’s mouth looks unhealthy and makes you distressed about your baby’s oral health

As a parent, we all want to protect our little munchkin’s smile, but let’s be honest, taking care of a baby’s teeth is challenging. 

Kids often skip brushing and flossing, which results in oral health issues. Harmful plaque builds up in their teeth, leading to tartar, and might cause tooth decay. So, dentists use silver crowns or silver fillings to treat these issues. 

Let’s learn why silver teeth are a good option for babies, their pros and cons, and much more! 

What is Silver Teeth? 

These crowns help to protect damaged teeth from infection, decay, or general damage. These are dental amalgams comprising copper, tin, silver, and mercury. 

Amalgam fillings are durable and can resist the wear and tear. Like all other porcelain or metal-based crowns, silver crowns operate similarly, but these have certain advantages over others. 

Why Do Babies Get Silver Teeth? 

Dentists try their best to preserve babies’ teeth when babies get cavities. To get this job done, they use any of the following procedures: 

  • Fill the cavity 
  • Place a crown over it 
  • Or extract the cavity 

Silver-colored material is used to cover the decaying teeth or fill the cavities. Silver tooth crowns are affordable and can withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. 

Also, these are more durable as compared to other metal-based crowns. That’s why dentists prefer these over other materials. 

Are Silver Teeths Safe for Children? 

Yes, silver teeth are entirely safe to use. The dentist wants to keep babies’ teeth as long as the adult teeth come out. So, they look for alternatives instead of directly extracting the baby’s teeth. 

Removing the baby’s teeth hinders their growth and development. Also, it results in multiple issues like damage to lips and cheeks, minimal or moderate pain, difficulty in eating, etc. 

Silver fillings and crowns are used to fill the decayed teeth and treat cavities. These often eliminate the need to remove the baby’s teeth; hence, they are the best treatment option. 

Also, research states that amalgam is a safe and effective restorative material. 

Benefits of Silver Teeth 

Babies often get cavities due to poor oral hygiene, genetic disposition, or high sugar intake. However, This calls for immediate assistance, and these are a good option. 

1. Protect the Teeth

The goal is to protect babies’ teeth for as long as possible; silver teeth and crowns help. 

Although these can’t preserve the tooth, they can keep them safe from further decay and strengthen the affected teeth. 

2. Budget-Friendly 

Restoring teeth is an expensive process and might disrupt your budget. However, stainless steel crowns are budget-friendly. 

What’s more? Teeth come in premade shapes and don’t require expensive procedures to place them. 

3. Reduces the Number of Dental Visits 

Kid’s damaged teeth are often wiggling, which results in discomfort and pain. You should often take them to a dentist for treatment, while silver crowns can be placed in one visit. 

Silver fillings keep the baby’s teeth stable reduce discomfort, and the number of dental visits. 

Silver Teeth Pros, Cons, and Affordable Baby Oral Care

Possible Drawbacks of Silver Teeth

1. Aesthetic Appeal 

Silver amalgam doesn’t mix with the natural teeth and looks awkward. So, Due to their less aesthetic appeal, these are not preferred for visible teeth. 

2. Mercury Content  

Their mercury content also raises questions about their safety since mercury is unsuitable for health. 

Alternatives of Silver Teeth 

Nowadays, various alternatives of silver crowns are available: 

1. Gold Alloys: 

These are aesthetically pleasing and durable but highly expensive. 

2. Composite Resins: 

They contain tooth-colored fillings and are best for the visible part of teeth or front teeth. 

3. Ceramic: 

It looks good and durable. 

Final Words 

When a kid’s teeth get damaged, different treatment options are used to preserve them. Silver teeth are an alternative that prevents further damage to the baby. 

On the downside, these are not visually appealing and contain some mercury. 

Let us help you to preserve your baby’s beautiful smile. So, We at Palm Valley Dentistry and Orthodontics have a unique team of Pediatric Dentists to provide your child with the best service. 


Is it painful to remove a silver tooth? 

No, local anesthetics are used during this procedure, so you won’t feel any pain. Yet, you might experience tenderness and minor sensitivity after a few days of the process. 

Can silver teeth hurt? 

Yes, These teeth are prone to problems just like the natural ones. You experience sensitivity, discomfort, and pressure where the crown is placed. 

Are silver teeth more expensive? 

Yes, silver teeth are less expensive than other metal-based crowns.

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