benefits of a white porcelain dental crown

The Benefits of a White Porcelain Dental Crown for Children

A white porcelain dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore strength, shape, and function. This type of dental crown is made of a strong, durable material that closely resembles the color and texture of natural teeth.


For children, a white porcelain dental crown provides several benefits, such as protecting the tooth from further damage, preventing infection, improving their ability to eat and speak, and enhancing their appearance and confidence. With proper care and maintenance, a white porcelain dental crown can last for many years, providing a long-term solution to dental problems in children.

How Does a White Porcelain Dental Crown Help Protect Your Child’s Tooth From Further Damage?

When a child experiences tooth decay or damage, dentists may recommend using a dental crown to help protect the tooth from further harm. When a white porcelain dental crown is placed over a damaged tooth, it acts as a protective covering to prevent further decay, infection, or injury. The crown also helps to restore the tooth’s strength, providing a strong biting surface that can withstand the pressure of normal chewing and biting. By placing a crown on the affected tooth, parents can feel confident that their child’s oral health is being properly maintained for years to come.

Advantages of White Porcelain Over Other Materials When it Comes to Dental Crowns for Children

When it comes to dental crowns for children, white porcelain offers a variety of advantages that other materials may not.

Matches the Natural Color of a Child’s Teeth

Children are very much concerned about the colors of their teeth. And therefore, a white porcelain crown is a perfect fit as it can match the natural color of a child’s teeth; it creates a seamless and natural look that helps boost their self-confidence.

Strong and Durable

Porcelain is strong and durable, making it a practical choice for active kids who may engage in rough play or sports.


Porcelain crowns are also biocompatible and less likely to cause allergic reactions or sensitivity issues.

Tips on How to Care for Your Child’s New White Porcelain Dental Crown

While using white porcelain dental crown, some of the tips to take care of are:

Avoid Hard, Acidic, and Sticky Foods.

One important thing you must do to care for your child’s new dental crown is to avoid hard, sticky, and acidic foods. Hard foods can damage the crown, while sticky foods can cause the crown to come loose. Instead, focus on giving soft foods that are easy to chew. Moreover, acidic foods can damage your dental crown, so try to avoid or use them moderately.

Brush Twice a Day

You must make sure that your child brushes his teeth two times daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be sure to brush gently around the crown to avoid damaging it. More avid using highly abrasive toothpaste as they can damage your dental crown

Floss Daily

In addition to brushing, you should also floss your child’s teeth every day. This will help to remove any plaque or food particles that may be stuck around the crown.

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