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4 Easy Solutions to Fix a Grey Tooth in Your Toddler 

Your little bundle of joy may look funny with their grey teeth since it’s common among toddlers and kids. Kids play, run, and fall, which may impact their teeth. 

However, a grey tooth shouldn’t be taken lightly. Now, you might be wondering how to fix a grey tooth in a toddler. Keep calm as we are going to address it. 

From excessive fluoride to decaying teeth and injuries, this blog will uncover the reasons and solutions for a grey tooth. 

So, stay with us as we help you return the cute pearly smile to your babies. 

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How to Fix a Grey Tooth Toddler?

So, your little one has gotten in an accident or suffered from a medical issue affecting their tooth?

A grey tooth, as annoying and scary as it may seem, is not something to fret about. Mostly, experts suggest you wait it out as the child grows up and their grey milk tooth pops out. 

However, it may require you to wait for a long time. Is your 6-year-old’s loose tooth turning grey?

Then, here are some easy and practical steps to getting rid of a grey tooth and reviving your toddler’s smile. 

1- Book a Dentist Appointment

A toddler’s tooth turning grey after a fall or for other medical reasons is not uncommon. But it doesn’t mean that you take it lightly or go for DIY remedies. 

Seeing a dentist as soon as an issue pops up is imperative as it can save you a lot of hassle and dental issues in the future. 

Consider scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist specializing in treating children’s dental problems. After assessing the grey tooth, they will determine what treatment is appropriate.

2- Get a Diagnosis

Is your toddler’s teeth grey near the gum line, or are there signs of tooth decay? Getting a correct and on-time diagnosis is very important.

Generally, a grey tooth can be due to the following reasons:

  • Trauma: If a toddler falls or gets injured, their tooth may turn grey due to internal bleeding or damage to its structure. 1
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is another common cause of grey teeth. As a result of bacteria attacking the enamel of teeth, demineralization and eventual discoloration can occur.
  • Medications: Antibiotics, such as tetracycline, can cause intrinsic staining in the teeth.
  • Genetics: Your genes also affect enamel formation and may impact the color of the teeth.
  • Enamel Hypoplasia: Enamel Hypoplasia refers to an underdeveloped enamel. It can happen for various reasons like nutritional deficiencies, infections, etc. Resultantly, the tooth may turn grey. 2

Please note that although these are a few common reasons for grey teeth in toddlers, the actual cause may differ. 

So, always opt for a certified and experienced pediatric dentist for a correct diagnosis. 

3- Review the Treatment Options

After getting to the root cause, the next step is to start with the treatment plan. 

Does a dead baby tooth need to be pulled? Well, the answer will depend on the gravity of the issue and a few other aspects.

So, let’s discuss some standard treatment plans for grey teeth. 

  • Dental Restoration: There are various dental restoration techniques like fillings, crowns, etc. In cases where the toddler’s teeth are damaged, the dentist may advise any of the above techniques. 
  • Pulp Treatment: A pulpotomy or pulpectomy may be necessary if the grey tooth is caused by damage or infection in the tooth pulp.
  • Dental Cleaning: If the baby’s teeth are discolored gray due to surface stains or plaque buildup, professional dental cleaning may easily fix the issue. 
  • Extraction: When the tooth is severely damaged or can’t be restored, an extraction may be done. 

4- Follow Preventative Care

Once the treatment is done, you must be vigilant and care for your toddler’s teeth at home. 

You will receive instructions from the dentist regarding oral hygiene practices and dietary recommendations at home. 

Also, can a grey baby tooth turn white again if you’re wondering? Then following the right aftercare can help you achieve better results.

Your dentist will also monitor the tooth health and discoloration during the weekly/ monthly appointments to prevent further issues. 

Does a grey tooth need to be pulled?

Whether or not a grey tooth needs to be pulled depends on some factors like:

  1. The underlying cause
  2. Extent of the issue
  3. Treatment options etc

Sometimes, the damaged and discolored tooth can be saved by crowning, filling, root canal, etc. 

On the other hand, in severe cases, it becomes essential to extract the tooth to prevent additional infections and dental issues. 

So, consult your dentist for a personalized and appropriate treatment plan for the grey tooth.

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Grey teeth in toddlers may occur due to trauma, genetics, certain antibiotic, or damaged blood vessels. In most cases, it may become light with time. 

However, if your kid’s tooth discoloration doesn’t get better with time, it’s better to consult a pediatrician. They can determine the possible cause and offer a solution accordingly. 


  • Can a toddler’s grey tooth turn white again?

A toddler’s grey teeth can turn white in certain situations after following the appropriate treatment plans and aftercare. The results may vary depending on the root cause and the extent of the discoloration. Therefore, it’s vital to consult your pediatric dentist on time to get a correct diagnosis and start the treatment. 

  • What can I do for my toddler’s GREY teeth?

The best thing to do for your toddler’s grey teeth is to book an appointment with their pediatric dentist and let the experts do the job. Moreover, the dentist will also help you get to the root cause of the issue and start the appropriate treatment. It may include professional dental cleaning, fillings, extractions, etc. 

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  • Can a GREY tooth heal on its own?

Generally, it’s unlikely that a grey tooth will heal on its own and regain its actual color. Although sometimes it may heal if the root cause is fixed, it’s rare. Therefore, you must consult a pediatric dentist when your toddler shows any signs of tooth decay. Early intervention is a major factor in saving the grey tooth. 


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