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How to Treat Messed-Up or Crooked Teeth?

According to the research, nine out of ten people have messed up or crooked teeth for some reasons: 1. In some cases, the crooked teeth are due to genetics or are a result of accidental face injury.

Misaligned teeth are difficult to maintain in terms of oral health, as it’s challenging to clean and floss them. 

If you also have crooked teeth and are looking for ways to treat them, don’t worry, as we have got you covered.

Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has a fantastic team of experts with years of experience dealing with oral issues, especially for kids. Visit us today or book your first appointment with us and share all your concerns about oral hygiene. 

Continue reading this blog to learn about the potential causes of misaligned or crooked teeth treatment and much more. 

What are the Causes of Crooked Teeth?

Surprisingly, in Japan, crooked teeth are a desirable attribute as they add to the attractiveness of a smile.

Meanwhile, in other Asian and European countries, people get hated for messed up pictures of teeth.

Crooked teeth are prone to lousy breathing, gum infections, and early tooth loss. They affect not only your smile but also your oral hygiene.

So, the best way is to find their root cause and treat them on time to avoid suffering. 

Especially in kids, messed up teeth are common as parents fail to care for their children’s teeth.

Moreover, kids who are fond of eating sugary items can develop misalignment in their teeth structures due to not caring for them.

However, if you are unaware of what causes crooked teeth, here you go:

1: Prolonged childhood habits

Prolonged habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, pacifier, and feeder can cause baby teeth to become crooked.

In kids who have the habit of thumb sucking, not only do they develop bite-size issues but also tooth misalignment issues.

So, from an early age, parents must be attentive towards their kids and must prevent these prolonged habits in their kids. 

2: Accidental trauma

Another potential reason for crooked teeth is accidental trauma that teeth face during a fall or a hit.

If a single tooth faces trauma, the permanent teeth that follow may grow out of the gums.

Likewise, an accidental injury can result in a misalignment of teeth, which requires proper treatment.  

3: Jaw size

Over time, the changes in our diet have altered our collected jaw size, resulting in crooked teeth.

Modern soft diets and processed food require less chewing, another factor contributing to misaligned teeth. 

4: Genetics 

The alignment of teeth also comes from inheritance. For instance, if both your parents have crooked teeth, there is a high chance you will also develop messed up teeth.

Moreover, it is possible if both parents have underbite or overbite issues.

5: Poor dental care

An essential factor that adds to crooked teeth is not keeping your teeth in good form.

Not taking care of your teeth annually can cause misalignment, gum diseases, and cavities. It can lead to messed up teeth that need a proper treatment plan to straighten up.

Other causes of messed up teeth include poor nutrition, misaligned jaws, and many others.

Once you understand the root cause, the next step is preventing crooked teeth. For prevention, an orthodontist can assist you better with the dos and don’ts. 

4 Ways to Treat Messed Up Teeth

Treating the misaligned teeth as early as possible is needed to protect them. Sometimes, people fear dental treatments, which is normal, but having a dental problem is not OK. 

Crooked teeth treatment includes braces, aligners, and keeping up with your dentist. 

Take professional advice to look for the possible options for your misaligned teeth, as different individuals have different case scenarios.

Transformation of Crooked Teeth Before and After Treatment

Several critical treatments include the following:

1: Clear braces or Invisalign

Using clear braces for teeth straightening is a common practice that allows you to fix teeth quickly and conveniently.

A clear plastic aligner is placed in the mouth using modern 3D CAD-CAM for a specific time frame until you get the desired results. 

2: Veneers

Veneers are the best treatment option when teeth are severely damaged after an accident. This treatment involves restoring the teeth by capping them with porcelain, metal, or composite resin.

So, nowadays, treating misaligned teeth is easier than ever. 

3: Retainers

Retainers are the best possible solution for slightly misaligned or messed up teeth. They can restore them to their original position.

In addition, retainers are the best option for people with overbite and underbite or jaw size issues. 

4: Palatal expander

A palatal expander is helpful for people with underbite-size issues. Individuals having small mouths with less space for the growth of new teeth can opt for a palatal expander.

An orthodontist will recommend an expander after examining your messed-up teeth. 

Final thoughts:

To sum up, teeth can be fixed using the proper technique prescribed by orthodontics.

Moreover, keeping your teeth clean is crucial to avoiding alignment issues. If you are also looking for an orthodontist in Arizona, we can effectively treat crooked teeth for kids and adults.


How can I fix my messed-up teeth?

To fix your messed up teeth, the first step is to look for the root cause, which can be an accidental injury, genes, or myofunctional habits.

Generally, professionals use braces, Invisalign, retainers, and palate expanders to fix messed-up teeth.

Is it OK to have messed up teeth?

Having messed up teeth is fine until you can keep them clean easily. You can look for possible solutions if they need to be better supported.

For that, visit your dentist and find the treatment that suits your needs. 

What are crooked teeth called?

Crooked teeth are also famous for messed up teeth, which are not straight and affect the smile and bite.

They can be the potential cause of further oral issues such as periodontal disease and specific difficulties.

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