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Exploring the Benefits, Costs, and Uses of Gold Braces

For most people, achieving oral and fitness goals is a must. To attain a beautiful smile, choosing to receive orthodontics care is needed. If you are also conscious about your smile, you can use traditional or gold braces to retain the alignment of your teeth.

Traditional braces are commonly used in orthodontics treatments. They are another addition to the braces collection that is made up of the same components as metal braces but vary in color due to the use of actual gold plating.

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The braces plated with pure gold are known as gold braces and are widely available today. These are 100% safe to use, as gold is the least reactive. 

Gold brace bands are plated with gold and give a pure gold metallic shine that adds to the aesthetics of your teeth. 

Gold Vs. Other Braces:

Many people get attracted to different types of braces. Some people like highlighting their braces to make them look unique. 

Others have the goal to achieve a perfect bright smile. It might be an excellent fit if you want a combination of both.

Gold braces are classy yet modern, made with stainless steel and plated with gold to create a look where brackets fix the top of your teeth and are attached to the gold wire. 

Moreover, other looks by the orthodontics specialists include:

  • Traditional stainless steel brackets and gold wires
  • Traditional ceramic
  • Lingual
  • Mini braces
  • Clear aligners and much more

Regardless of these types, all serve the same purpose, apart from classic ones.

Gold braces with diamonds, champagne, and rose gold are trending nowadays. Depending on your budget and choice, you can choose any of them.

Benefits of Gold Braces:

Gold is one of the finest metals that has unique properties. These properties make them special for dentistry. Here, we will discuss some of the benefits of using these:

1: No irritation or allergy

Most metals, such as nickel or silver, can cause allergies to some skin types. Gold, being pure,won’t irritate your mouth. It also keeps the skin from allergies.

That’s the fantastic benefit of plating the wires and braces with gold to straighten teeth without discomfort. 

2: Conversation starter

Braces fittings make it difficult for the patients to eat and talk usually. But gold glasses fit accurately and make a great talking point. 

You might show off your braces while eating and speaking with these braces. 

A discreet option that doesn’t contain nickel straightens teeth using clear, removable aligners.

3: Non-toxic

Another fantastic benefit of choosing gold braces is that they are less reactive to plaque than all other brace types. Its unique properties make it perfect for people with sensitivity issues.

In addition, they are easier to keep clean and are used in dentistry for making crowns. They are tested and tried as other brace types keep moving and don’t fit exactly.

So, an entire gold brace with brackets and wire is too soft and practical to straighten the teeth without hassle.

Who Can Use Gold Braces?

The braces are trendy among adults but are perfect for any age. In 2006, Dr. Kanaan developed a line of gold wire for a patient with nickel allergy.

So, patients with nickel sensitivity can opt for this option. They are indeed a magic and symbol of power for such cases. 

In addition, gold and silver braces are the shiniest among all other types, making them a treatment tool and an accessory for teeth with gold wires, elastics, retainers, and hooks.

Everyone, from kids to the old, can use these braces regardless of age. 

How Much Do They Cost?

Gold, one of the finest and most expensive metals, increases the cost of braces in dental treatments.

The average cost ranges from $5000 to $7500. Moreover, it depends upon your treatment time and requirements. 

At some clinics, the braces cost an extra $500 compared to the traditional ones for gold plating.

Does Dental Insurance Help Cover Gold Braces?

Not all, but some insurance offers cover expenses for orthodontic treatment. However, they are probably not covered under health insurance if you go for these.

This is due to a significant price difference between traditional and other braces.

However, you must ask your company about the orthodontics coverage under insurance.

If the regular treatment is under their coverage, you can add money from your pocket for gold brackets and wires.


Is gold good for braces?

They are suitable for individuals who are pretty conscious about aesthetics. In addition, they are perfect for people with allergies to nickel and other metals used in braces. 

Do gold braces cost more?

Yes, gold, the expensive metal, uplifts the total cost of braces installments. They are more costly than all other types.

However, their price also depends upon the treatment time and other factors. 

What are gold braces for teeth called?

Also known as gold-plated braces, they are an alternative addition to the orthodontics treatment of nickel and other reactive metals.

They not only serve the purpose of correcting dental misalignments but are also considered fashion statements. 

What color braces are best? 

Depending on your skin tone, you can choose any brace color. If you have darker tones, choose bright jewel tones, such as gold, turquoise, violet, and navy.

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