What sets us apart, all about Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

When it comes to the health of your child’s teeth and gums, you want the best, and so do we. At Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics with locations in Goodyear, Surprise, Buckeye AZ, community of Verrado, we provide a comprehensive range of pediatric dental services that are designed to address your child’s dental needs at every age. Starting good dental habits from an early age can form the basis for a lifetime of oral health.

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dental care is focused on dealing with children from birth all the way through the adolescent years. A pediatric dentist receives two additional years of training after dental school, learning the expertise and techniques in behavioral and pharmaceutical management, including different type of sedation,  needed to handle the specific needs of children from infants to teenagers, including children with special needs.

Pediatric dental services

One of the main focuses of pediatric dental care is prevention and education. Visiting the dentist should become a routine activity for your child. By maintaining twice yearly dental visits we can ensure that your child is comfortable in the dental chair and that we stay on top of the oral hygiene. Here are some of the main pediatric dental services we provide in our three locations in Goodyear, AZ, Surprise and community of Verrado, in Buckeye, AZ offices.

Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings

During your child’s check-ups we provide a professional cleaning that removes tartar buildup and discoloration as well as education on proper brushing and flossing techniques to help them develop good habits at home. During the exam, the dentist counts the teeth and looks for any signs of decay or cavities. They will also examine overall jaw development, and the health of the gums, cheeks, and other soft tissue.


X-Rays are not performed every dental visit; however, we do use digital radiography to record oral images. Digital radiography is a safe treatment to monitor growth and development of the teeth and in the diagnosis of various dental conditions.


Sealants may be recommended for your child to prevent cavities. These thin protective coatings are applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars at the back of the mouth that are most susceptible to decay.


Dental fluoride helps prevent cavities and strengthens enamel by acting as a strengthening enamel, including enamel defects for the teeth. Fluoride can even help remineralize existing decay.

Tooth Extraction

While we always do our best to avoid tooth extractions, in some instances it can become a necessary procedure. The most common reasons for the removal of a tooth are decay, infection, trauma, or overcrowding.

Fillings and Crowns

If we need to remove a cavity from a tooth, a filling will be placed to repair and protect the tooth following removal. For large cavities, a dental crown may be placed on top of the tooth to prevent it from further decay or breakage.


We provide various sedation options for children who are anxious or require extensive dental work. Those include from the most mild type of sedation, such as N2O, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), to conscious sedation, as well as general anesthesia.


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an initial orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. Palm Valley Dentistry in Goodyear has an orthodontist on staff to provide evaluations and recommendations for treatment on an as needed basis. We provide both conventional braces and Invisalign to straighten teeth and correct the bite. Straight teeth not only improve the appearance of the smile, but they also make it easier to brush and floss the teeth for improved oral health.

Comprehensive pediatric dental care for all ages

The biggest benefit of visiting our pediatric dentist practices in Goodyear, Surprise and Verrado, AZ is that you have a team of Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, equipped to handle all of your child’s oral health needs as they grow including dental health, tooth spacing, bite development, and more. Early intervention helps us avoid more invasive and costly treatments down the road. Our entire team of pediatric dental specialists works together to give your child the best care we can.

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At Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we’re ready and waiting to welcome you to our family. We make sure that our office is a fun, welcoming environment that makes kids feel at ease. By starting your child out with regular dental care from an early age, you are helping them develop healthy habits that they will carry with them for life. If you live in or around Phoenix West Valley, request your appointment today by calling 626-535-7873.