How Much Toothpaste Should You Use? Age-Based Guidelines

How Much Toothpaste Should You Use? 5 Brushing Tips

Using toothpaste is essential to eliminate the plague and food residues and maintain daily oral hygiene. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are highly recommended for babies and kids from an early age. 

A brush helps clean the teeth in babies, but a regular toothbrush with good paste is good for kids. Now, the question arises: How much toothpaste should you use for cleaning kids’ teeth?

This blog will explore how much toothpaste you should use for kids and adults daily and what happens if you use it too much while cleaning teeth in children. So, keep scrolling this page to find answers to your questions.

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Now, dig deep to find the right amount for kids.

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Using Age-Based Portions: 

The American Dental Association guidelines reveal that it can be of different sizes for each age group. Further, they indicate certain types suitable for certain oral needs. 

For instance, kids under age must use a paste containing fluoride in an amount not more significant than a grain of rice. Parents must also ensure that their kids brush their teeth using the right technique twice a day. 

When your kid turns three, parents can continue brushing the child’s teeth with a slight increase, such as per the size of a pea.  

As a parent, supervising and guessing your kids while they brush is necessary to feel informed and confident. Moreover, once they learn and become regular in this habit, it becomes a part of their daily routine and adds value to their oral health. 

Why Is the Right Amount of Toothpaste Important for Kids?

You might be wondering why using the right amount of toothpaste is essential. Many oral issues are caused by the amount used. Using the right amount can lead to sufficient teeth cleaning, resulting in tooth decay, gum diseases, and more. 

Additionally, not using enough paste on the brush may not provide enough protection against cavities and tooth decay.

On the other hand, using too much paste can result in a condition known as fluorosis, in which kids’ teeth are exposed to fluoride. The kids are particularly susceptible to this condition as their teeth are in the developing phase. 

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How Much Toothpaste Should You Use For Each Age Group?

Each age group comes with a certain amount that must be considered. Here, we will discuss the use of paste from 1 month to 6 years and above:

Babies aged 1-12 months:

The doctors recommend a barely visible amount of toothpaste for babies below one year. For this age, a finger brush is the right tool to clean teeth.

It requires no use of paste. Hence, teeth in the developing stage are not exposed to fluoride and other ingredients.

Kids aged 1-3 years:

The dentists recommend using it in the amount of the child’s little fingernail or grain of rice for kids in this age group.

This is the critical age when kids are unaware of its use and can easily swallow it. So, using such a small amount is safe and keeps parents from worrying about spitting or swallowing. 

Kids aged 3-5 years:

A little more serves well for kids above three years old. Parents can let them use an amount equal to the pea size of fluoride paste twice daily. 

Kids above five years:

With the increase in age, the kids can use a little more—the amount is enough to clean all their teeth, making enough form. 

With more age, the kids can use the same amount of toothpaste as the adults, which is also pea size.

However, it is essential to supervise your kids to ensure they know how to perform the teeth cleaning routine. Moreover, they must know how much time they should spend brushing their teeth. 

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5 Tips for Using Toothpaste Amount Correctly

In addition to the right amount for kids, there are some tips that parents must follow to ensure their kids are on the right track. So, let’s have a look at the best  tips essential for  parents and kids:

1: Brush twice a day

The right time to brush your teeth is in the morning and the evening.

According to NHS dentists, brushing the teeth in the morning before breakfast and at night before sleeping is recommended. It helps remove the bacteria that may have accumulated during the sleep. 

2: Supervise the brushing 

Parents must supervise their kids during brushing until they reach the age of 8. It will help them learn how to brush and how much paste they should use. 

3: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush 

There are toothbrushes specific for the kids. The dentist recommends using the soft bristled brushes for kids as they are gentle on teeth and gums.

Further, learning about changing the toothbrush after three months is essential for good hygiene. 

4: Proper rinsing

Only parents can help kids learn how to rinse their teeth after using paste to remove excess exposure to their developing teeth. They must encourage their kids not to rinse with water after brushing as it can wash away fluoride. 

5: Regular dentist visits

Maintaining a routine of regular checkups with the pediatric dentist is essential to maintain good oral health.

If your kid is already seven and you have yet to visit any dentist, get your kid’s first FREE dental visit at PVPD. 

Take away:

Creating a teeth cleaning routine in kids is essential to maintain healthy gums and strong teeth. Parents must learn how much paste they should use per day for teeth.

Furthermore, they should know and implement other tips and tricks to maintain a healthy oral care regime. 


Can you use too much toothpaste?

Using too much paste is harmful to kids as their teeth are in the developing stages. It can lead to the condition known as fluorosis, which is excess fluoride exposure. 

Is it good to use a lot of toothpaste?

It is not recommended to use too much as it is not used. Every age group, from kids to adults, must use the correct amount according to their needs. 

Can I use toothpaste three times a day?

Yes, you can use it thrice daily, but use less. You can also consult with an orthodontist to understand your concerns better.

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