Healthy Kids’ Snacks for when you’re “On-the-Go”

As most of us are busy, it may be challenging to make the right snack at home easily accessible for our children to indulge in.  Parents are constantly On-the-Go and children are constantly demanding snacks. Throughout this article, we will discuss several topics that focus on healthy snacks vs snacks to avoid.  In addition, we will discuss the timing of eating snacks and the significance of understanding eating healthy kids’ snacks as a single variable in maintaining good oral health for your children which also requires visiting your dentist every six months.

I’m sure in the entire Phoenix Metro of West Valley, Cities of Goodyear, Surprise, Buckeye, we all heard the following phrase, “You are what you eat!”  As vague as that may sound, there is plenty of wisdom to gain from it.  As a child’s body begins to develop, depending on the fuel or food intake of the child will determine the impact on a child’s oral health.   Therefore, providing children healthy kids’ snacks begins with understanding which snacks the best ones are.

Healthy Kids’ Snacks

Fresh fruits and vegetables top the list.  You can’t go wrong with foods like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, pears, and apples that cleanse our teeth as we eat them.  Nuts and cheese are also great snacks for healthy kids’! Many children do not get along with eating fruits and vegetables.  Hence, at snack time you may serve some yogurt with a special mixture of berries to dip with carrots or celery.  And remember to wash those healthy snacks down with a refreshing glass of milk or water!  Milk is a good source of calcium that reduces the impact of eating acidic foods.

Also, children that are developing can optimize their performance during and after school by simply in-taking what pediatric dentists recommend as healthy kids’ snacks.

Which Snacks to Avoid

If we left it to children, then most would choose to consume candy, cookies, and soda pop.  Yes, in a world controlled by children, sugar snacks would rule twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  The sugar treats are not just bad for their health, but they have negative consequences on their teeth and overall well-being.

Unfortunately, sugar is among everyone’s favorite bad bacteria food.  After the intake of sugar, they excrete acid onto our teeth as waste resulting to tooth decay.  In addition, soda pop contains acids that pose danger to our teeth.  I bet you didn’t know that most fruit juice has as much sugar as soda pop does. It may be a little harsh to eternally forbid children from eating sugary snacks or soda pop, especially when their options may appear to be limited.  However, reducing your child’s risk of developing cavities is perhaps limiting their consumption of sugar intake to holiday’s or special occasions such as birthday’s.

The Importance of Timing

Shortly after we eat, it takes about thirty minutes for saliva to neutralize any leftover acids and wash away remaining food particles.  Although if we constantly snack throughout the day, then our saliva will not be able to serve its purpose in washing away any remaining food particles. A part of the equation for our children’s oral health is to designate snack times, even if the snacks are healthy ones.

Healthy Snacks – A Variable Part of the Equation

In most cases, children that eat healthy food or snacks are brought up in an environment that promotes the consumption of healthy food or snacks.  Keeping your children’s teeth healthy teaches them awesome dental habits they can use and share for the rest of their lives.  Awesome habits include flossing, brushing their teeth twice a day, and visiting their dentist every six months.  Don’t hesitate to bring any questions about healthy kids’ snacks when you bring your child to the next appointment.  We look forward to serving them again!

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