Back-to-school dental checkups

As the summer comes to a close and parents are preparing their children to get back in the swing of things for school, most are thinking about supplies, teacher meetings, assignments and stocking up on lunch foods. But one thing some parents might not take into account are dental checkups. While going to the dentist might not be high – or even on – your list of things to do when preparing your child for the new school year, getting a checkup early on can not only be very helpful and beneficial, but important. See below why our specialists at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics recommend parents take their kids into the dentist at the start of a new school year.

Life will get busy

It’s important to get your child to the dentist before or right as school starts for several reasons. First, once school starts, it’s likely that your and your child’s schedule will get hectic with classes, homework, sports, extracurricular activities and more. With everything going on, as well as your child getting used to their new schedule, it can become progressively harder to carve out time for a dental checkup, and getting to the dentist might become a delayed or even forgotten task. Having your child come in at the beginning of the school year will allow you to check it off your to-do list early on before life gets too busy with commitments.

It’s also likely that in the first couple of weeks of school, your child may not have a heavy workload, so penciling in an appointment won’t put too much strain on schoolwork. This will prevent you and your child from feeling overwhelmed.

You’ll be able to plan ahead

As mentioned, life is getting pretty busy as the school year starts to pick up. Getting a dental checkup done at the beginning of the year will allow your dentist to spot any issues early on, including cavities, and get them taken care of sooner rather than later so you and your child can focus on other aspects of life. Spotting dental issues early will benefit you in the long run because you’ll be able to plan ahead, and your child might even be able to avoid missed school days, too.

They’re a great way to start the year

Much like getting new school supplies and clothes for your child at the beginning of the new school year, getting a dental checkup and cleaning will feel productive and fit right into your back-to-school checklist. Getting your child’s checkup done at the start of the school year will give you peace of mind knowing you have one less thing to schedule.

Checkups will set healthy habits

One of the best times to instill healthy dental habits for your child is right after a checkup. Having just gotten a teeth cleaning and examination, your child may be more likely to take extra steps like thorough brushing and flossing in order to maintain a clean, healthy mouth – and what better time to kick-start those habits than the beginning of a school year? Getting your child in for a back-to-school checkup can help do just that. Not only will your child be more inclined to keep up healthy dental habits, but this mindset could also lead to them keeping up other healthy and productive habits as well.

Checkups will combat cavities

Cavities remain one of the most common dental issues among children. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 20 percent of children ages five to 11 will experience a cavity. And if your child is having sweets at school or with friends during the school year, it’s more likely they’ll develop a cavity that will land them in a dentist’s chair for a filling. Getting a checkup at the beginning of the year will help combat cavities and tooth decay and keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy and less likely to form a troublesome cavity.

If you’re a parent with a child that’s heading back to school soon, schedule a checkup with us today. Our board certified pediatric dentists provide both primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs. No matter what your age your child is, we have the expertise needed to provide excellent consultation and care.

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