Snaggle Tooth - Causes, Challenges, and Treatment Options

What is Snaggletooth, Its Causes, Challenges, and Treatment Options

A snaggle tooth can be your worst nightmare, as it can ruin your smile. 

This is a twisted or projected tooth that is broken and irregular. This is a tooth misalignment problem that makes your teeth look overcrowded. 

The problem is common in children and occurs when there isn’t enough space for tooth eruption. Having one means it’s time to visit your dentist immediately and fix it.

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Let’s dive deeper into the details and talk about snaggletooth, its causes, treatment options, etc.

What is a Snaggle tooth?

Snaggletooth, a single misaligned tooth, refers to a crooked, twisted, or protruding tooth that stands out from regular teeth. Your teeth look overcrowded due to the presence of irregular teeth.

The placement of the misaligned teeth is different from that of the other teeth, and they look out of shape. You can see it either in front of or behind your other teeth. 

Sometimes, this appears to have a pointy appearance because it’s broken. Due to its misalignment, you may find it difficult to brush or floss, leading to oral hygiene problems.

Snaggleteeth affects a large number of people, as 9 out of 10 people suffer from minor misalignment issues.

What Causes Snaggle Tooth?

There are many possible causes behind the problem, including:

1- Teeth Overcrowding

A significant cause for this misalignment problem is overcrowded teeth. The lack of sufficient space for tooth eruption results in teeth appearing on the front or back of other teeth.

Other lesser-known causes of misaligned teeth are.

2- Thumb Sucking

Childhood thumbsucking or using a pacifier for a longer time is a common cause of teeth alignment problems. Thumbsucking is a prominent cause of single misaligned teeth in children.

3- Genetics

Sometimes, the problem of snaggle teeth travels along your genes. People whose parents or family members suffer from this issue have an increased risk of developing problems.

4- Poor Tongue Posture

An improper tongue position also leads to single misaligned teeth. Pushing the tongue against teeth for a prolonged time also changes teeth alignment.

5- Early Baby Tooth Loss

Early tooth loss in children is an important risk factor for single misaligned teeth. Due to lost tooth space, adjacent teeth move out of alignment. 

6- Jaw Development Problem

Another cause of the problem can be jaw development troubles in children. 

Why is Snaggletooth Problematic?

Sometimes, a snaggle tooth can be harmless, and you may not find it problematic. However, sometimes, it might ruin your smile. 

The problem isn’t only limited to smiles. The impact of single misaligned teeth can be more severe than you think. Here is why this can be problematic.

i. Oral Hygiene Problems

Misaligned teeth can be hard to clean because they are inaccessible. Cleaning them can be challenging and results in oral health problems. 

No proper brushing or flossing causes the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. Plaque buildup in the mouth causes problems such as gum diseases, tooth cavities, tooth decay, etc.

II. Bad Odor

Another problem caused by the snaggleteeth is the terrible odor. The cause of foul odor is the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth due to improper cleaning. 

III. Jaw Problems

Misaligned teeth can put unnecessary pressure on your jaw, causing headaches, problems, and more.

IV. Bite Problems

Snaggletooth can also cause bite problems, which are not only uncomfortable but can also be painful.

6 Treatment Options for Single Misaligned Tooth

If you have a misaligned tooth, it doesn’t mean you have to bear with it permanently. There are many possible solutions. Let’s find out what these are:

1- Metal Braces

Dental braces don’t need any introduction and are one of the best solutions for protruding teeth. These braces are made of metal and correct the teeth’ alignment by exerting pressure. 

Depending on your teeth condition, you will be wearing these braces for a year or two. Meanwhile, it would be best if you got regular oral health checkups to ensure good oral health.

Treatment with dental braces can cost between $4000-$7000. 

2- Ceramic Braces

If you are up for dental braces, your dentist may also recommend using ceramic bases for treatment. Ceramic braces are usually tooth-colored and are less noticeable.

They work in a similar manner as metallic braces. However, the treatment with ceramic braces is slightly expensive, ranging between $4000-$8000.

3- Invisible Aligners

Invisalign or invisible aligners aren’t new in orthodontic treatment. These invisible plastic trays fix teeth alignment problems by exerting pressure.

These aligners are not noticeable, and you can take them off anytime. Invisible aligners are comfortable and resolve problems in a shorter time. 

The treatment with invisible aligners costs between $3000-$8000.

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4- Dental Veneers

Another possible treatment for snaggleteeth is dental veneers. These customized shells help conceal tooth imperfections by fitting over your teeth’ front surface.

Dental veneers last for a shorter time, and this treatment is expensive compared to other treatment options. The cost of one veneer ranges between $500 and $4000, and you will need several veneers to overcome the snaggle teeth problem.

5- Tooth Contouring

If your tooth has mild misalignment, teeth contouring can be your treatment option. This treatment is the least expensive and removes the small tooth without damaging enamel.

Teeth contouring costs range from $50 to $500 for each tooth.

6- Surgical Treatment

Lastly, your dentist will ask you for dental surgery if your alignment problem is severe and linked to a jaw problem. A dentist may remove the teeth and replace them with a tooth denture or perform an implant.

The cost of surgical treatment is the highest among all. 

Fix Snaggle Teeth and Get Your Perfect Smile Now!

Snaggle tooth is a common teeth alignment problem affecting children, teens, and adults. It usually appears as a protruding tooth in the front or back of regular teeth. 

This misaligned tooth can sometimes be harmless but, in most cases, can result in oral health challenges. Other than this, it can impact an individual’s confidence. 

Several factors, from your genetics to tongue posture, increase your risk of getting it.

If you are suffering from a snaggleteeth problem, it’s time to visit your dentist and get your perfect smile now.

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