Black Gums in Kids: Causes, Treatments, and Consultation

5 Effective Ways for Treating Black Gums in Children

Good teeth are the symptom of progressive health. Your mouth is the mirror of your health. Strong oral conditions are a sign of well-being and virtuous health. But if you notice black gums in your kid, what does that mean? 

Black gums affect almost 2.4 – 18% of kids all around the world. Most parents overlook this condition, deeming it as nothing serious, but it is high time you start taking these blotches on your kid’s gum seriously. 

Let’s explore together some of the reasons, causes, and treatments for black gums in kids. This will help parents to make informed and on-time decisions about the health of their kids because healthy teeth are an essential aspect of maintaining the sustainable well-being of your child.

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The Correlation Between Natural Gum Color and Melanin

Pigmentation on teeth is a normal phenomenon. There can be various reasons for this. For instance, your child can skip the daily sessions of brushing and flossing, leading to a more yellowish appearance in their teeth. 

Apart from the above-provided narrative, sometimes people with dark tones also support dark gums. This is a condition that is directly related to the level of melanin in your body. A high level of melanin not only gives your skin and hair a dark color but affects your gums as well. 

Once you rule out the effect of melanin and its levels, you start exploring other causes of black gums in babies. 

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What are the Causes of Black Gums in Babies?

It is normal for parents to get concerned about the black gums of their children. Learning the causes of this condition is essential for making the right decisions about oral health. 

Natural Pigmentation 

Sometimes, there is no reason for black gums in kids apart from the natural pigmentation. Dark-skinned kids contain high levels of melanin, therefore making the gums appear dark, as well. 

In these circumstances, black gums are normal, and the parents should not worry about them. 


Medicines can also play a key role in changing the gum color in your kids. Therefore, before panicking, consider the fact of medications. If your child has recently started a medication course, then the black gums can be related to it. 

Dental Hygiene Issues 

If your child is skipping dental hygiene, it can lead to a severe plaque buildup in the mouth. This plaque can make the gums black. Paying attention to your kid’s dental routine can yield effective results. 

Underlying Medical Conditions 

Although a rare cause, medical conditions can also be the culprit for your kid’s black gums. These medical conditions are mostly related to vitamin deficiencies. Consult pediatrics at Palm Vally Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for better assessments of your child’s dental health. 

What are the Treatments for Black Gums? 

Now that we have a better understanding of the underlying causes of black gums in kids, it is time to delve into some treatments. You can always treat black gums in your kids unless and until it is not because of natural pigmentation. 

Promote Good Oral Hygiene 

As poor oral routine is one of the main causes of black gums in kids, it is only fair to switch up the routine. Install a habit of regular brushing and flossing in your kid – twice a day. 

Make sure to assist your kids so that they are able to follow better oral hygiene practices. 

Set their appointments with their pediatric dentists to enhance their knowledge of proper dental cleanliness. This knowledge will encourage them to upgrade their dental hygiene habits. 

Change their Diet 

Engage your child in a more healthy, hearty, and wholesome dietary experience, rich in vitamins and fibers. Vitamin deficiencies are often the cause of darkened gums in kids. Therefore, if you encourage them to eat a more balanced meal, the chances of black gum will be reduced. 

Make them a meal enriched in vitamins A, B, C, calcium, fluoride, and phosphorus. All these minerals and vitamins promote good oral health in children. 

Avoid Mouthwash

Kids do not have to engage themselves in artificial products like mouthwashes. Mouthwashes often contain chemicals that are harsh to the tooth enamel, staining it permanently. 

Therefore, indulge your kids in floss and soft brushes until a pediatric dentist recommends a mouthwash. 

Try Professional Cleaning 

In some rare instances, your child might need a doctor’s appointment to remove all the tartar from their gums. When neglected for longer periods, plaque buildup can become severe. That is when professional cleaning becomes inevitable. 

Educate Your Child

Educating your child about the consequences of poor dental health is paramount. Kids are often stubborn and careless when taking care of themselves. 

Sit with them and educate them thoroughly. You can show them some animations so that they can better understand the metrics of good oral health. 

When Should You Consult a Pediatrics for Black Gums in Kids? 

Here are some instances upon which you should consult a pediatric dentist immediately: 

  • Sudden discoloration or change of color of gums 
  • Pain, bleeding, swelling, subsequent discomfort in gums, along with darkened gums
  • No change in gum color even after intensive home care
  • Tracking the oral health and real-time monitoring of your kid
  • Assessment of any underlying medical condition that is making your child discomfort 

A Treatable Medical Condition

If you are noticing black gums in your kid, then you need to schedule an appointment for your kid. However, darkened gums are not an indication of infection. They can be the symptom of an underlying and untreated medical condition. 

Reach out to Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for a swift recovery and treatment. We boost a specialized team of pediatric dentists that will treat your child with utmost care. A timely medical diagnosis can prevent permanent tooth loss in your child.

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