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The Alkaline Diet and Its Effects on Oral Health

Written by Saturday, 20 May 2017 13:14

When former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham told the world she was on an alkaline diet, everyone began the rapid fire Google search for guides and recipes, and immediately the alkaline diet craze was born. Touted as being the ultimate diet for everything from weight loss to preventing cancer, the alkaline diet has taken the world by storm...

Use of Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar derived primarily from forest and agricultural materials. Many studies have shown  Xylitol reduction of the incidence of caries and improvement in oral health.

Pediatric Pain Management

In Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize that children vary greatly in their cognitive and emotional development, medical conditions, and responses to pain and interventions.

Dental Bleaching for Child & Adolescent

The public has become more aware of advances in cosmetic dentistry and due to news stories and advertisements, the desire for dental whitening in pediatric and adolescent patients have increased. 

Intraoral/Perioral Piercing and Oral Jewelry/Accessories

Written by Friday, 24 March 2017 17:30

Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the importance of educating our patients about oral health and its potential risk in modern days fashion trends. The use of intraoral jewelry and piercings of oral and perioral tissues have been gaining popularity among adolescents and young adults.